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Professional estimating services for construction companies.

Our professional estimating services aim for satisfaction of the customers from all around the United Kingdom. We have been delivering complete and accurate estimates for experts working in the construction industry for many years: developers, architects, builders, merchants, and contractors. Every estimation and quotation is made by one of our specialists with practical experience and expertise in the construction niche. Let us know how we can help you!

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How it Works?

We prepare detailed professional estimates for construction and renovation companies.


1. You send Plans


2. We give you our Service Charge


3. You accept the Offer


4. We are starting calculations while you see live changes on your Project


5. Within 2-3 days you receive an access to your Estimate on our app

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I Need an Estimate

Full, detailed valuation of a construction project, which includes all the necessary construction materials based on the length of a specific activity. Any information contained in this file can be customised, starting with employee man-hours rates and ending with increasing the complexity of a given item.

Each estimate includes a project report that includes margins, profits, estimated project duration, and a breakdown into Total Labor / Material / Equipment. By resetting all margins, you can very easily show the maximum amount you can go down, so that the project is still financially profitable and brings adequate profits.

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More than one Project?

If your business have a lot of enquires, the best solution is to employ a Quantity Surveyor from estiMedes.

Green QS

£200 + Vat

per week
  • You get a Quantity Surveyor for 1h per day
  • Working for you from Monday to Friday
Blue QS

£400 + Vat

per week
  • You get a Quantity Surveyor for 2h per day
  • Working for you from Monday to Friday
Yellow QS

£800 + Vat

per week
  • You get a Quantity Surveyor for 4h per day
  • Working for you from Monday to Friday

Why do we use Estimeno?

Built-in Messenger with Quantity Surveyor

Print Offer, Schedule of Works, Valuations and even more PDFs like Contracts, Method Statements etc.

Adjust your Markup at Materials, Labour, Equipment

Customize any detail of your estimate

In Summary:

Professional estimating services UK

Here at Estimedes LTD, we focus on producing top-tier building estimates for new builds, conversions, extensions, and all kinds of housing developments. We seek for maximum accuracy, keeping in mind the requirements of a given project, as well as the building regulation. The evaluations prepared by one of our professional estimators consist of a detailed price list of construction materials, and labour extracted from an architect's drawings.

Commercial estimating services construction

As our client, you may have different expectations regarding a quotation and estimate of your project. Online estimating services for commercial buildings may encompass various types of work, such as:

  • 1. Cost estimating: overall financial requirements (direct and indirect costs).
  • 2. Time estimating: time required to complete a project or a specific task.
  • 3. Quantity estimating: project's requirements regarding the quantities of construction materials.
  • 4. Resource estimating: equipment needed, human resources etc.
  • 5. Risk estimating: analysing possible risks and assessing their impact on your project.
  • 6. Cost estimating services outsourced

Are you wondering what the cost of construction estimating services are? It depends on a firm you wish to cooperate with. Keep in mind that managing this tasks in-house can be very tricky, time-consuming. There is also a risk of potential errors which may result in delays, cost rises etc. You may want to hire professionals, such as Estimedes LTD, who will take care of every aspect of a building estimation.

The final cost may vary depending on the requirements of a project. Please contact us for more information about our pricing.

Commercial and residential estimating services for builders

The key benefits of our comprehensive estimating calculators are as follows:

  • 1. you will get a complete package of quotation and estimate including every aspect of your domestic project;
  • 2. you will save time and money;
  • 3. you will be delivered with smart-looking, professional estimate covering minuscule details, plans, schedules, quotations... ;
  • 4. you won't get caught by surprise by unexpected price rises;
  • 5. so much for so little: you just need to provide us with your plans.

Building estimating services: Estimeno software

With the help of our estimating team, you will get a comprehensive, thorough and dependable estimating service. We provide our customers with an accurate quotes and cost breakdowns using an in-house software called Estimeno. This allows us to obtain the most accurate data and calculations. By getting access to this technology, you will be able to freely manage your markup at labour and materials, print offers and schedules of work, as well as customize all the details of your estimate.

Building services estimating and tender support

We strive to give you the best, most precise building estimates as one of the UK’s leading estimating company. We specialise in domestic projects: extensions, new builds, loft conversions, among many others. Our estimates cover material prices (e.g. timber, sand, concrete), time estimating, labour etc. Choose an excellent customer service and the results tailored to your requirements.

We're here to help you! Let us know about your needs, and be a winner in a competitive construction industry with the support of Estimedes LTD.